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Harriet Tubman:

One Woman's Journey


Harriet Tubman (portrayed by Jackie Murray) leads her fellow run-away slaves (the audience) on a dangerous journey north. In Act one, we are exposed to what slavery was like in the United States and how precious the freedom we all take for granted is. This act highlights Ms. Tubman's inner struggle with her faith while hearing the voice of God to help her in her journey. In Act two, Ms. Tubman greets her fellow freemen (again, the audience) and presents how important the Emancipation Proclamation was and how the Abolitionist Movement re-shaped our country.


This is Harriet Tubman as a living breathing human being. Her story, as told (and sung) by Jackie Murray, is one of bravery and compassion. The performance includes several moving spirituals, including "Go Down Moses" and "City Called Heaven."  The forty-five minute school show has been touring various schools in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi where excited children (including elementary, middle and high school aged audiences) raise their hands and yearn for a chance to ask Harriet a question at the end of the show. Adult audiences have also enjoyed the full length presentation, when Jackie who is an independent stage artist, produces a public performance of the show every few years.  However, private bookings are available upon request.  Click Here to book a show for your school or organization.

Interviews & Articles about the show

"Harriet Tubman:  One Woman's Journey"

was chosen as a sanctioned performance in the

Women's Theatre Festival of Memphis,

one of three festivals of its kind in the world. 



Harriet Tubman Performance





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